"Hey Tracey! I just really wanted to say thank you SO!! much for helping me with my costume and making it look so great! Everyone who saw it on stage and off couldn't help but stare and be dazzled by its amazing look! They all loved it just as much if not more than me I beleive! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! I love it so much and im so gratefull!! " Chandrika

Current Events

The National Women's Show

Saturday, March 15 12:00 AM to March 16, 2003 12:00 AM


The National Women's Show, March 15th and 16th at the Congress Centre was amazing! The TAV Creations/Belly Dancing For Fun booth was tucked away along the back row, and we enjoyed our quiet spot - as it was not quiet very often! Special Thanks goes to Tom, Linda, Donna and Nikki for coming out to help at the show and to Sherrie for loaning many things to make the booth come together! And to Daniel who came over and drummed for us on Saturday to liven things up a bit!

The show itself was full of varied and amazing exhibitors, from fitness, to food, to everything else you could think of! The turn out was phenominal and we were pleased to be able to introduce so many women to the concept of belly dancing as a great way to exercise as well as a fun dance style to learn.

The custom sewing aspect of TAV Creations was not lost to the crowds either, and it was a great way for me to be able to promote both of my businesses to such a receptive audience! Hi again to the students, dancers, and friends who were able to stop by the booth - it is always nice to see familiar faces at these events!

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