"The wedding was a fabulous success!!!! By the way, the dress made everyone say WOW!! All wanted to know where I got it from...and I was so comfortable and felt so beautiful. The dress held up fantastically too, even through all my dancing :-) " Nicole A.

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Portfolio - Bellydance

Special attention goes to belly dance costuming in many ways - with the glitter and sparkle of the fabrics used, the beading, sequins, and fringes added to complete the ensembles. �This section shows a glimpse into some of the detailed dance costume pieces created by TAV Creations.

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Classic gold sequined bra and belt Halloween Baladi dress Persian 3-piece costume Fuschia gypsy style top and skirt with matching hip scarf. Bra and skirt set in navy satin and burgundy foil-dot. Red and Gold Taffeta Fuschia beaded bra and belt with gold skirt. Light purple beaded bra and belt with white circle skirt. Two piece top and skirt set. Bronze baladi dress Back view of bronze baladi dress Staight cut satin skirt Blue choli and skirt set Veils are hemmed simply and quickly here at TAV Creations Two piece top and skirt set Velvet arm pieces Flared sleeve detail shot Neckline detail shot Lilac and fuschia lace two-piece set Copper and Black Set Copper and Black Set Ghawazee ensemble Baladi in burgundy Leopard Lamé Baladi Red georgette gypsy ensemble Black knit crop top and taffeta circle skirt Deep burgundy glitter knit baladi dress This purple foil dot baladi dress is fully lined with matching Indian cotton adding comfort and better wearability This ghawazee inspired dance ensemble combines three pieces to create a comfortable and effective look Georgette Roses Purple and Blue Headpiece and top detail Ghawazee in green and purple Cover-up in Elegance Velvet Irridescence Baladi Comfort Silver Sparkle Full Baladi Comfort - Full view Spanish Baladi Fusion Spanish Baladi Fusion Velvet Harem Set Metallic Purple Baladi Short Fusion Style Pink and Burgundy Modern Gypsy Lacey blue and Purple Silver and Blue-Purple Warrior Dancer in Cream... Baladi by Sunrise Sari Remade The Basics in Velvet Coin beaded Bedleh top Blue bedleh and skirt Pinks and Peaches Peaches and red Red sari re-made

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