" just got this DVD in the mail and I haven't even watched it all the way through but I just had to write to you immediately!! I've been searching for a good instructional DVD HIGH and LOW because I don't have easy access to an experienced teacher. I have taken a couple of classes at my local "Y" but those were nothing special beyond really wetting my appetite for learning to belly dance. "Halyma's Belly Dance" is everything I have been looking for!!!!!!!! Clear, concise instruction with good camera work so that you can see exactly what she is doing! Also, she does the moves slowly enough that I can actually follow along. Most DVDs I've run into so far skimp on the instruction (and good camera work) because the dancer seems too intent on showing you what SHE can do rather than encouraging what YOU can do. I will be buying the second volume of Halyma's Belly Dance very, very soon (just as soon as I practice with this one a bit). I just wanted to say that you guys at TAV Creations put together a spectacular instructional DVD and I hope that the word spreads and that you sell thousands. It really is quite excellent! A hundred times: THANK YOU!!! Most sincerely (and excitedly!), " Bianca P.,Bellingham, WA

Portfolio - Bridal

This section shows a mere sampling of some of the Bridal work that has been created at TAV Creations. �From traditional styles to theatrical costume pieces, these pieces show the creative power given to brides (and grooms) to make their wedding day special and true to their personal dream.

58 Photos

Haute Couture Bride and Flowergirl Made to match - bride and groom to gypsy king and queen Back view of King and Queen of the gypsies! Bridesmaids in Silver Silk Silk and Chiffon Silk and Chiffon Satin corset and skirt With mom's train... Side back view - Layered organza wedding gown Layered organza wedding gown Gold duopioni silk wedding gown Back view - lilac charmeuse wedding gown Lilac charmeuse wedding gown Chiffon and Organza Embroidered organza and chiffon Medieval brocade Medieval brocade The Happy Couple Aah, Silk.... Elegant crepe and chiffon Bias Burgundy Soft pink strapless Soft pink charmeuse Elegance in chiffon Celtic bride Black Elegance Laced Up in Red Green crepe wedding gown Handfasting - Theme wedding Lilac Satin and Lace Silk and Lace Two Piece Silk and Linen for Him Satin and Lace Cotton candy Silk and chiffon Crinkle Organza Blue Taffeta and Lace Satin and Lace Casual white cotton pink peau de soie Fuchsia peau de soie Yellow Charmeuse Silk peau de soie Beadwork and Sash Detail Corset Silk jacket Bridesmaids in black - back view Bridesmaids in black - front view 20's Style Hand Beaded Gown Satin with embroidered chiffon Golden Silk Sea of chiffon Fushcia wedding gown Satin corset Two piece silk dress Bridal corset Bridesmaid gown Hand beaded gown Burgundy satin peau de soie gown

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