"Hey Tracey! I just really wanted to say thank you SO!! much for helping me with my costume and making it look so great! Everyone who saw it on stage and off couldn't help but stare and be dazzled by its amazing look! They all loved it just as much if not more than me I beleive! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! I love it so much and im so gratefull!! " Chandrika

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Having started in sewing by making halloween costumes, it seems only appropriate to give a complete section to the costumes TAV Creations has had the pleasure of making.� From modest robes to elaborate period pieces, these costumes represent only a fraction of the creative possibilities available.

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Babylon 5 Incarnations of Immortality; Medieval queen/bride The 50's Bunny She devil The Grinch Wonder Woman!!! Medieval Peasant Velvet cloak Anime Character costume Blue lined Black cloak Uncle Fester

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