"Well, we did it! We're married! It was a perfect day. Couldn't have asked for anything better, I tell you. I can't tell you how many compliments we had on the outfits that you made for us. Thanks to your expertise and to all the extra help you gave us with selecting the material, the coordination with other seamstresses, and the endless questions, etc., we were able to have the wedding that we really and truly wanted to have - something different and unusual. You played a huge part in that and we thank you for it. :) " Keri


Like to go bare-legged in the summer? Not a size 8? Her thighs may not cause her anguish in the summer... Do yours?

Thigh Savers shorts could make your summer more comfortable. Made from quick drying stretch nylon, with a mesh crotch and thigh area to keep the thighs from chafing, these underwear can be worn alone or with panties. The longer inseam helps them to stay put! Their colour is neutral beige, this helps them hide under lighter coloured summer skirts and dresses.

On some hot days, cotton shorts are the only comfortable thing to wear, but for those days when a skirt is a must, Thigh Savers may mean the difference between a barely tolerable, possibly painful experience, and an enjoyable summer day.

Three sizes available will fit from approx. size 12 to 28

"A" = 12-16
"B" = 18-22
"C" = 24-28

Available now for only $20.00/pair. Please note: Thigh Savers fit best on a "pear-shaped", or "A" body type. This means the thighs are more ample and the abdominal area less ample. Those with an "apple-shaped" or "O" shaped body type will require custom fitting to ensure the best fit. Please contact me for any more information about Thigh Savers.

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